Lower YOUR Sales & Marketing Costs

Overheads for employing business development and on the road sales teams can be very significant when measured against revenue and profitability, not to mention the marketing budget. We have heard instances where up to 22% of the total revenue was allocated to the Sales & Marketing budget annually, although this is rare it is still a fact that considerable amounts of profits are eaten each year in S&M activities that may not be generating sufficient revenue.


Studies have shown that a business can generate thousands of more enquiries and leads for a fraction of the Sales & Marketing costs by using highly effective digital techniques and strategies that are aligned with your existing business growth and marketing plans.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself about your business.

  1. Are your Sales & Marketing costs out of control?
  2. What % of turnover do you spend on generating more business?
  3. Are you getting more than enough business than you can cope with?
  4. Are your sales staff covering their costs and converting their enquiries to sales?
  5. Are you reaching a more Global buying audience  – not just a local one?
  6. How would you rate your digital marketing presence? Can it be improved?
  7. Are you ready to convert leads into sales from your online push?

Without a shadow of doubt buying patterns have changed on a Global scale with an abundance of readily available buyers from all over the world, buyers are becoming more informed and will find you when they are ready to buy. But you have to put yourself in front of them before your competitors do!

When developing a digital strategy and looking to drive down your Sales & Marketing costs whilst increasing revenue, take into consideration what you can do to increase your online capabilities to achieve this.

  • Gain visibility on major search engines with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.
  • Understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO). “Only 10-12% of corporate sites are optimized for organic search.”  SEO is improving the structure, content and authority of a website to increase the number and quality of visits.
  • Develop a social media strategy. By utilising Facebook, Twitter, and other current social media, you can increase exposure and attract more leads, links and followers to gain online reputation as search engines

How we can help:

Aussie Click use state of art digital technologies and industry proven methods that have been used by thousands of highly successful online companies around the Globe to dramatically decrease expensive Sales & Marketing Costs.

We will work with you on a one-to-one basis to promote and sell-you-well to the world for a fraction of the costs usually associated with S&M activity.

Aussie Click is also a full done-for-you internet marketing services business including SEO, PPC and online training strategies that will dramatically improve and grow your online presence and sales.

If reducing you Sales & Marketing budget whilst increasing revenue and improving your online sales is a priority then contact us for a no obligation chat.