How to create a website that increases Sales.

Professional Web Design

9 essentials your website needs to have, to SQUASH your competition.

      1. Instant recognition of what your business does on the Top Fold. (Top Fold is the first part of the website your customer sees when landing on your site on any device.)
      2. Your “point of difference” that separates you from your competition on the Top Fold.
      3. Instant “call to action” on the top fold to capture your prospective customer on the Top Fold.
      4. With over 50% of internet searches now done on Mobile devices your website must be easy to read and navigate on a Mobile phone, “responsive”.
      5. Easy click phone number when customers are searching for your product or service on a Mobile Phone.
      6. Visually appealing to your prospective client that entices them to contact you.
      7. Having relevant information that your clients need and not the Fluff that dilutes your mission.
      8. Subscription sign up is Gold. It is 10 times cheaper to sell to your existing customers than to get a new customer. Keep in touch by sending regular emails.
      9. Keep your branding the same from your website, to your business cards to your workplace. Consumers love consistency and feel safe with familiarity.                                                                                                                            (I said 9 essentials, but we always love to give extra value)
      10. Make sure it is Google friendly. 89% of searches are Googled!