Is your business sitting on a gold mine of mobile number databases?

Do you have past clients mobile numbers?  Did you get their mobile number so you could get in touch with them at a later date? If not!!   let us show you how to do it and get an immediate return.

SMS Blast & Text Message Advertising

Facts that support SMS advertising can be very profitable:

  • It is 10 times cheaper to sell to existing clients than to sell to new clients.
  • Mobile marketing is one of the lowest cost, highest response marketing tools available.
  • The only marketing tool you can set a day and time when the customer will receive it and read it. When are my customers thinking of my product/service?
  • Great for in-store offers, events, reminders, specials, thank you messages, meetings and last minute marketing

SMS Advertising is going ballistic and getting extremely popular day-by-day, a recent survey revealed that well over 87% of people have a mobile phone and about 90% of all text messages are read by people within a few minutes of them being sent to them.

This incredible statistic opens up new opportunities for your businesses to market products and services to a whole new generation of consumers. All popular brands are now using SMS mobile advertising for product launches & brand building promotions. Are You?

The biggest majority of both small & big organisations are following this strategy to send product offers & discounts to customer to generate instant sales, for a fraction of the cost of conventional marketing costs.

We are ready to help any types of business organisation with their product promotional services and solutions. We partner with the best in the business with text messaging software to send SMS from your website or mobile phone.

Want to know more about SMS Blast advertising, then please get in touch.