More and more people are now watching online videos than ever before, the numbers are staggering as to how many videos are uploaded on to business websites like yours and YouTube every day. Are you making good use of this new way to market your business/brand?

Content marketing is still a major part of growth, but if you are looking for the needed WOW factor, cutting-edge online video marketing is the next choice for you.

Video Marketing

It’s a fact, that these days’ people just can’t find the time to read page after page of words, that’s why they prefer to watch online video.

Humans have the natural ability to absorb and understand moving visual presentations, hence videos are always more appealing in comparison to written words.

Google owns YouTube and seems to favour video enriched online marketing campaigns – a video powered site is more likely to fetch a higher status on Google.

Video marketing is very inexpensive these days with a 2-10 minute company showcase not costing much at all.

Video that promotes a business has to be precise and accurate. It requires expert attention mostly given to exhibit unique video content.

Your customers will know your business through the video or animation we create.

Our video production and techniques play a vital role on projecting your brand. The video pages that we create will contain “Call to Actions” including the website link, thereby enhancing the site’s popularity.

Why it is good to have video on your website:

If you put a video on your website you can personalise your message to a client and really show what your product is all about, things that take you pages of text words to explain can be shown very simply in a short video, saving your clients precious time.

Here are some facts about video advertising and web videos.

  • You are 55 times more likely to be seen by major search engines through video on your site.
  • Video increases web traffic and encourages better web rankings.
  • 80% of people will click on a video, 46% of people will take some sort of action and 12% will buy that specific product or service.
  • Allows people to visualise using your product, business or service.
  • Builds credibility and rapport with your clients or potential clients.
  • Online video is 300% more effective than regular print media.
  • Creates a bigger and more positive impact on your business.
  • Video is easy to understand.
  • Having a You Tube video attached to your website increase your rankings on Google, the number one search engine in the world.